How I Can Arrange A Table For A Candle-lit Dinner?


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The candle light dinner is the dinner for lovers. So there are some tips which can make your dinner finest. The color combination is most important for arranging a candle light dinner. The color combination must be given magical and romantic influence. The color you should choose for arranging are black and purple with the touch of some flowers and golden candles.

First of all cover the table with a black piece of cloth which covers all sides of table. Then take purple net for decoration. Arrange the purple net around the table in very stylish way .After that arrange some flowers like white and purple tube roses and white roses .When bouquet becomes ready then take golden candles and arrange in the bouquet as required .After arranging flowers sprinkle golden glitter .

Place the bouquet very carefully at the table and also sprinkle some artificial pearls at the table. Chairs must be according to the arrangement .At the end arrange the plates, spoons, foes and napkins at the table. At the end light the candles .Table for candle light dinner is ready. This arrangement will create an atmosphere of dreamy world.

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