What Is The Difference Between New York And Chicago Style Pizza?


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Chicago style pizza is also known as 'deep-dish.' It is baked in a pan which is about 2 inches deep. The thick crust bubbles up around the edges of the pizza as it is baked. The toppings are added in an unusual order. The first layer is cheese. Then the toppings are added. There are a great variety of toppings, which may include: onions; mushrooms; peppers; bacon; pepperoni, pineapple; and ham. Finally, the tomato sauce is added on top. The result is a thick and hearty pizza. Chicago style pizzas tend to have lots of ingredients piled on.

The New York style pizza is more moderate in toppings but makes up for it in size! The crust is much thinner than Chicago style pizza and is usually hand-tossed. Tomato sauce is first thinly applied, than a few toppings if desired. The pizza is topped with a moderate sprinkling of cheese. The pizza is cut in 'jumbo' slices, which can be folded in two for eating on the go. Some harried New Yorkers run to a pizzeria on their lunch break for 'a slice'.

Of course both styles are a departure from the original Neapolitan pizza from Italy, which is smaller, baked in a brick oven, and topped with simple ingredients, like tomato, mozzarella and basil.

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