How Many Cookies Are In A Batch?


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There’s no standard number of cookies in a batch – it all depends on the recipe and cookie size!

What Is A Batch Of Cookies?
A batch of cookies is the number of cookies you get when you follow the recipe. For example, if the recipe says that it makes twelve cookies, then twelve cookies would be one batch.

How Do I Make Two Batches Of Cookies?
It’s simple – you just double all the ingredients in the recipe, thus making twice as many cookies!

If you want to liven up your cookies, you can make several batches and alter one ingredient each time. For example, your first batch could be chocolate chip, and for the second batch you could replace the chocolate chips with raisins.

If I Follow Three Different Recipes, Am I Still Making Three Batches Of Cookies?
Yes, you are!  The recipe doesn’t have to be the same for each one. You can have three batches of lemon cookies, or three batches of different cookies – it doesn’t matter.

However, making several batches of cookies using the same recipe does have its advantages. If the first batch isn’t sweet enough, you can add more sugar the second time around. By the time you’ve made several batches, you should have the perfect cookies!
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A batch matters on the recipe. If the cookie recipe you made has 12 cookies in it, then your batch would be one dozen. If it made 14 cookies then your batch would be 14 cookies. Like I said, it all depends on your recipe.
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There's no standard answer. Some batches make 6, some 12, some 30-something. It depends on the amount of batter and the size of the cookie, there is not enough information here to give you an adequate answer.

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