Why Does My Vitamins Turn My Urine Bright Yellow?


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Urine may turn a bright, fluorescent colour after taking vitamins. The reason for this is because your body is removing the excess vitamins that it cannot absorb. Urine should normally be yellow and this brighter colour does not mean there is anything medically wrong with you; however, you should reduce your dosage of vitamins.

The body removes excess vitamins through urine after it has absorbed all it needs and although large doses of vitamins are good when the body needs it, if it does not you can cause serious harm to your body. Large doses taken over long periods of time can cause diarrhoea, liver problems, stomach ulcers and kidney problems as well as others.

Try drinking more water and separating out the vitamin intake to maybe every other day.

Normally it is vitamin B complex that has a tendency to affect the urine colour. The riboflavin is structured to be a yellow colour and so when too much is taken in by the body, it turns urine yellow. If it is making your urine bright yellow, it means it has not been absorbed by the body so don’t waste the vitamins you will not be using. This does however mean that your body has absorbed the maximum it can handle.

Though urine should be a yellow colour normally, if you have clear urine, this suggests you are dehydrated. If it is black, this could be due to a genetic problem and if it is red then you may have a problem with your kidneys, liver or bile duct. You should seek medical advice if you are experiencing any of these.

If you have any other symptoms and your urine is still bright yellow, you should seek a doctor’s advice. You should avoid B2 if you have asthma and beware that it could cause anaphylaxis.
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Wow! Some people really have no idea what there talking about. To make it quick for you I will say this. The reason why your urine changes color to bright yellow has to do with the Vitamin B you are taking. When your urine changes color its letting you know that the vitamin has fully dissolved in you body. Its ok that this happens several hours after taking your vitamins. Make sure to drink at least 2 liters of water a day to flush the system and keep the kidneys clean..

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This is very normal. The vitamins are going through your system and working. When your urine is a different color this is the vitamins exiting your body that your body does not need. Not to worry at all...
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Your vitamins should turn your urine yellow when they are working! Or at least filtering through your system. Not to worry, you are okay!
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I'm taking a multi vitamin called ultra women and it's natural plus it has antioxidant protection  and high potency now my urine is very yellow why is that.
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I started taking a multi vitamin and this happened to me as well.
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Its not your unrine. Urine turns different colors when you are either hydrated or not. The bright color is because you are probably not drinking a lot of water. When your urine is a clear color you are perfectly hydrated.
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Not correct! My vitamin does this several hours after ingestion, everytime. And it's only when I take the vitamin. I drink more fluids than just about anyone. Urine turns yellow because of the excess vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) in the vitamin. Your body absorbs what it needs and flushes out the rest. My vitamin has 2941% DV riboflavin, which I find totally unnecessary.
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I wld go see a doctor about that you might have cancer or your urine is just very clean check what uve been eating digestive system

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