What Time Can You Buy Alcohol In Scotland On Sunday?


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At the moment in Scotland, you can buy alcohol from off licence stores (shops that are permitted to sell alcohol to be consumed off the premises) from 12:30.

One major change that will be brought in is that Sunday opening hours in Scotland will be brought in line with the rest of the UK to 10:00 rather than the 12:30 fixture that was set down in the 1967 Licensing (Scotland) Act. This change was introduced as of 1 September 2009 but as far as I am aware, there have been no other changes to licensing laws other than this.

One of the places where you can buy alcohol during the day is off-licence stores. As mentioned before, these shops are license to sell alcohol to those who are over the legal drinking age. The current drinking age in Scotland is 18 years of age and16 years of age when you order an alcoholic drink with a meal in a restaurant. There was talk in 2009 of putting the legal drinking age up to 21 but nothing is believed to have happened.

If you buy from an on license store such as a club, pub, nightclub or cafe, then you will usually have to consume this on the premises. So only use places like this if you are having a night out. If you do go out for a drink, you should also be aware of drink up time. This comes after last orders (where the bell rings to signal the bar is about to close) and whether or not you have finished your drinks, the bar staff will kick you out so that they can close up. Last orders are usually called around midnight, and your drink up time can sometimes go till 00:30 or 01:00 in the morning.
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No, it is still 12:30 on a Sunday, but you can now only purchase for off sales 10am to 10pm Monday to Saturday.

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