What Are The Health Benefits Of Ambarella (Spondias Cytherea) Also Known As The Hog Plum Or Golden Apple?


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The ambarella fruit also known as the hog plum or golden apple has several health benefits including the fact that it can help cure and alleviate many diseases. This delicious Malaysian fruit had undergone studies conducted by experts and the results showed that it possesses essential nutrients needed by the body to grow strong and healthy.

Ambarella may not sound familiar to many since it's a fruit commonly found in Malaysia. Here are some benefits you can get from this nutritious fruit:

• Ambarella leaves can be dried and ground until powdery and used to treat mouth sores.
• People suffering from diarrhea, dysentery, and loose bowel movement can take a decoction of ambarella bark to ease discomfort.
• The root can be used to treat itchy skin.
• The seeds of the amabrella fruit are proven to lower high blood pressure and treat respiratory ailments due to their antibiotic content.
• Boil the leaves of ambarella and apply the liquid substance on the skin as a substitute for lotion and moisturizers
• Ambarella is also an excellent treatment for headaches, constipation, and even diabetes.

For someone who's unfamiliar with ambarella, you may be wondering what nutrients it possesses. Indeed, this fruit boasts of healthy goodness all throughout. For a serving of 100g of ambarella, there is 0.6g of protein, 0.2g of fat, and 91.0g moisture. It also has 0.7g fiber, 5.7g of calcium, and iron of 0.4g. It's also loaded with niacin, vitamin A, ascorbic acid, and carotene which boost the immune system and fight against cancer.

Ambarella can be taken as is or you can make use of its other parts. As mentioned, you can use its bark, leaves, and seeds for medicinal purposes. Having your daily serving of ambarella can surely make you healthy and protected against harmful ailments.

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