What Food Raises Creatinine?


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Sushi and sashimi are excellent foods for raising creatine levels in the body; they achieve this goal naturally, unlike expensive supplements or not-so-tasty powdered drinks that boost creatine levels. The seaweed and fatty acids in sushi and sashimi are also very beneficial to your overall health and well being. The iodine in seaweed supports a healthy metabolism and boosts thyroid function. The fatty acids in sushi fish are great for the brain! If you're looking for an all-purposes wonder food that is low in calories and fun to eat, sushi may be the perfect food for you - plus, you can rest assured it will increase your creatine levels.

If you have never sampled sushi, you may want to start with a milder type of roll, such as a California Roll. These sushi rolls are made of imitation crab (a fish blend that mimics the taste of crab) and avocado; each roll is wrapped in nori seaweed, and then covered in a luscious coating of sticky Japanese sushi rice. To add spice, many people dip their California rolls in a potent mixture of tangy soy sauce and hot wasabi.

Once you've tried basic sushi, you can move on to sashimi, which is thick stripes of fresh fish, carefully timed to enhance flavor. Sashimi is sushi without the carbs - however, it is usually served with rice. Green tea (also an amazing healthy, anti-oxidant drink) is the perfect complement to a creatine-enhancing sushi and sashimi meal.

Beef and pork also raise creatine - that's probably why so many weightlifters enjoy eating these foods while they are in training. Beef should be lean, not marbled with fat; pork should be cooked so that much of the fat drains off; for good results, consider a slanted grill that allows fat to run off into a drip pan.
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Take a lime juice & a apple in a day if you suffer from high blood urea or a creatinine and do yuga"s like kapaal bathi & eloom veloom.most important drink 6 litre water in a day & walking at least 3 kilomtre twice a day...lot more to tell you frds...

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