Can You Use Mayonnaise To Restore The Shine To A Marble Top Finish?


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I thought this was a joke but nothing else had worked so I tried it.  It WORKS!  I couldn't believe it but I put it on with a soft cloth and my table looks great.
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First, you have to sandpaper the surface.
If the table already has a thick layer of varnish or paint, it will need to scratch it first.
First use a lower No sand paper (Rough). and then go for a heigher number (Softer).Clean it well with a dry cloth and apply wood polish or varnish. Do this (polishing) in the noon of a sunny day, in the outside to get the maximum shine.
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Did this work? We've just bought a secondhand marble table which has a thick layer of rigid plasic on it damaged in places. I would like to remove this to expose that natural marble but am very worried about scratching the stone surface - marble is apparently quite soft.

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