Where Can I Get A Free Instructions Manual For A GoldStar Bread Maker?


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Is liquid go first or yeast, also where can I find compressed yeast
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You don't say which model of the Goldstar Bread Maker you have, and there are a number of manuals available online, for the various different models of the machine.

However, many people say that, with the exception of changes to the different buttons and layouts, the Goldstar bread makers are all much the same, so hopefully you'll be able to adapt the manual I've attached below fairly easily.

It's a really long and detailed user manual, though - as it includes lots of recipes, which I've also attached -so hope you have fun making some (or all) of them!

(Do bear in mind, though, that the warranty at the end of the user manual won't apply to your machine, if you didn't buy it yourself from new.)

Good luck - and happy bread-making!

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This is the website where you can possible  get some manuals for your bread maker.

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