Can I Know The Negative Test Cases For Coffee Vending Machine?


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Oooh Yes, you can! May be to assist you further I should give you a definition of Negative Testing: test suit that is designed to determine the response of the product outside of what is defined.   For you to deduce whether you have the ability to know or not if a product can have negative test cases entirely depends on your knowledge of the product in the absence of a specification. Negative testing can best be seen in boundary value analysis and equivalent class partitioning. It is not always the case that a product should have negative test cases as more time should be invested in the positive testing, and if you wish to include your negative test cases in your test suit start with positive test cases and then you can specify your negative test cases at the bottom for you should prove first to your client that his/her request has been met and remember that your negative test cases whether they should be specified or not also depends on the product (how much risk is involved?); if your product is an ATM bank machine then you should specify your negative test cases. In this case your product being Coffee Vending Machine is designed to produce coffee upon request. Part of negative testing in the given scenario is violating the order in which the vending machine should be operated.   Feel free to ask more: [email protected]
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