Why Does The Human Body Need Iron?


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The human body needs iron in order to produce new red blood cells, which in turn carry oxygen around the body. It is probably the most important function in the body and can also be the most precarious with a fine balance between too much or too little iron each causing its own unique problems.
Red blood cells transport oxygen from the lungs in order to replenish tissue and then returns carbon dioxide back to the lungs to be dispensed.  
People use 20 micrograms of iron each day in order to produce enough of the necessary new red cells, usually by renewing the old. 
A lack of iron in the body could result in anemia resulting in the bone marrow failing to produce enough red blood cells and leaving humans with a feeling of utter tiredness and weakness.
However, an overload of iron will promote disease, such as hemochromatosis, which could leave people more susceptible to bacterial infections and iron can be extremely toxic if not kept in check.
A normal healthy diet will be enough for the body to produce enough iron but menstruating and older people may struggle to produce the required amount and so can become anemic.
Red meat and many other animal products supply the easiest way to absorb iron and the presence of Vitamin C helps in this process, while calcium can hinder the ability to absorb iron.
The body’s ability to absorb appears to respond to the body’s total iron stores, the extent to which bone marrow is producing new red blood cells, the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood, and the oxygen content of the blood.
Loss of iron could be down to loss of blood or nutritional deficiency, but that does not necessarily mean following a vegan or vegetarian diet as previously thought.
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One thing that can happen is without iron your body can't produce enough hemoglobin (substance in white blood cells that allows them to carry oxygen). Because of this you can develop a condition called anemia.

I myself have been anemic for much of my life, its not a serious condition at all, I take supplements to help.
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What is the dose of iron per day for someone that weighs 125 to 130 lbs?
Also if you are lacking iron from your diet can it cause fatigue and chills?
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Iron is the essential requirement of a Human body. It is a part of many proteins and enzymes that help in efficient functioning of human body. The most important protein of all is Haemoglobin which is responsible for movement of oxygen around the body. It also controls cell division and growth. Thus Human body required iron for efficient functioning. For more information see the link below:
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The blood hemoglobin has a large portion of the mineral iron. The iron atoms assist in enjoining oxygen and delivering it throughout the body. Iron is also a component of other chemical processes both in the organs and muscle. Brought to you thru the courtesy of "Ripley's Believe it or not"
Have you attempted the proverbial textbook routine or even Googling for the answer? When in doubt on science or particularly chemistry exams, the use of "muggleism" is an appropriate and correct substitute answer.
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Yes because without iron peoples bodies can't really function properly

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