What Foods Harden Stool In Humans?


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  • Food that hardens stools
There are many types of food that will harden your stools. Eating food that are not rich in fiber are the best way to harden stools and bulk them up so they take longer to go through the digestive system and take time to harden.

Some of these include:


  • Foods to avoid if you have soft stools
Some people will find that eating foods that are rich in fiber will actually make their stools softer. It is important to try different foods to establish which foods your body responds to.

Everyone is different and it may take a while to find out what foods work best for you. Foods you should definitely avoid are things that contain caffeine such as tea and coffee and also chocolate. Some people also suggest that you should avoid dairy products and greasy fatty foods.

You should definitely avoid spicy foods, particularly if you have past experiences where spicy foods have loosened your stools. Particularly juicy fruits such as peaches, plums and pears should also be avoided.

  • Fiber
It is important to eat the 'right' type of fiber to keep you regular and have healthy stools. It can be difficult to know what the right type of fiber is but you should be eating soluble fiber that slowly releases energy.

Good examples of slow releasing fiber include some of the examples above but also include potatoes, smooth peanut butter, oatmeal and apple sauce. Drink water for a healthy body on the inside and out it is also important to drink plenty of water. You need to be drinking at least 2 litrers every day as this will keep your entire body function in a healthy manner and will make you feel better, more alert and generally healthier.
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White bread, rice, lean meats, cheese, bananas, iron supplements, boiled eggs, tapioca, smooth peanut butter, black tea, potatoes (without the skin).
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The best way to harden your stools is to take 4 Apple Pectin pills before every meal and wash them down with a 100% Juice Blend of Blackbery & Pomegranate Juices and you should stay away from Apples, Applesauce, & Apple Juice, as well as any other Fruit Juices and as to Bananas, boiled Green Bananas are better, and the reason you should not eat Whole Apple Products is they have qualities about them that Violate the Rules of IBS Dietary Limits (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), like Fiber, for instance, and by taking Apple Pectin pills right before each meal, you only receive the Apple Pectin benefits of Apples and do away with the IBS bad qualities hurting your recovery and if you have a Foreign Bacterial Infection (FBI) then add a tube of Probiotics to your juice to Lace your stool with the good Bacteria and you'll be createing Probiotic Armor Coated Turds (PACT Fix), and the reason you want to drink Blackberry Juice is because it Jellies-up quite well with Apple Pectin and the Bacteria of the Probiotics prolificate (reproduce) nicely in the Jelly mixture and overwhelm your stool with good Bacteria, making it next to impossible for the Foreign Bacteria to penetrate the Probiotic Armored Coating to nourish themselves, thus, the bad Bacteria starve to death and once they're dead, your problem goes away, that is, if you have a Foreign Bacterial Infection causing your squirts. Otherwise, you are most likely Lactose Intolerant and that's what's causing your problem, if it's a long-term problem, and if that's the cause, then stop eating Dairy, except for Raw Milk Bleu Cheese and eat as much of it as you can until your problem fixes itself and the reason you use Raw Milk Blue Cheese is to force your body to generate the Bacteria in your stomach that you need for processing other Lactose Products and the Raw Milk Bleu Cheese pushes your body the most and will get results much faster than any other Cheese I know of, but you can try others if you want but they must be Raw Milk Cheeses and the Stinky ones and not the Homogenized-Pasteurized Cheese-like Product Congress demands you eat, if you live in the United States, and speaking of those little Bacteria in your stomach, if you've ever had Ulcers and have taken advantage of that One Shot Anti-biotic Fix, the One Shot Cure that Doctor's now tout will Cure your Ulcer forever, then you are now Lactose Intolerant because that One Shot Anti-bacterial Fix for your Ulcer just killed all of those much needed Bacteria in your stomach, which are required to properly digest all foods and how to Cure Ulcers, that's been known for over 10 years now and that Cure is Hot Peppers and the Capsicum in the Hot Peppers is what Cures your Ulcer. So adding Hot Peppers to your Diet is a MUST.

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