Is Fish Oil Beneficial For Diverticulitis?


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Yes, Fish oil is abundant in Vitamin-A, and intake of Vitamin-A is recommended to heal the damaged mucous membranes from Diverticulitis. So yes, your friend is right and this may help you.
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There are also other very helpful & healthful supplements as well ,
Flaxseed - , ground or in oil form ; aids in protecting the cells lining the colon wall.
Garlic - Aids in digestion and destroys unwanted bacteria
Vitamins ---- B complex & C & A & E
Omega 3 fish oil
Hope this helps . Take care
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Your colon has to recover first. Therefore, you should eat foods that are easy to digest. Stay away from fibrous foods until the inflammation passes. Once it passes, eat plenty of fiber. Consult your doctor, but I have started taking an organic remedy for diverticulosis and it works well for me. I think you have to make sure you don't have constipation. In my opinion, that is the main reason for my exacerbations. For now, listen to your doctors. I went from 6-9 months of flare-ups to almost 4 years without flare-ups. I hope you all have the same experience as I did. Feel better about yourself.

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Yes, it takes around 8 months for it to work.. I use prescription 4 tabs a day.

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