Why Do Eggs Smell Like Farts?


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Rotten eggs produce a gas called hydrogen sulfide.  Some people produce hydrogen sulfide in their intestines, so their farts would smell like rotten eggs.  Hydrogen sulfide is ofter produced in high school chemistry classes and is called "rotten egg gas" and it smells like bad, stinky farts.
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I don't think that there is a little bit of similarity between these two. However if you had a chance to smell a rotten egg, that might smelled differently.
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Because  when you fart like my cousin you smell like Ryton eggs because you eat too much
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I'm sure there is a biochemical recipe for producing these odours, but I think it's simply a case of you are what you eat and you smell what you eat. If you are into curries and suchlike I think egg smell might be a blessing.:)

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