What Do Enzymes Breakdown?


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Enzymes are proteins. They consist of long chains of amino acids which are held together by peptide bonds, like other proteins are. They are in all living cells, and provide an essential function, that is, controlling the metabolic processes. These processes convert nutrients into energy as well as new cell material.

Enzymes also play their part in the breakdown of food into more simple compounds. Some of the more better know enzymes are:

- pepsin
- trypsin
- peptidases

which break down proteins into amino acids, lipases split fats into glycerol and fatty acids, and amylases breaks down starch into simple sugars.
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Enzymes basically refer to a kind of protein that catalyzes or accelerates a chemical reaction. They lower the activation energy for a reaction, and accelerate the rate of the reaction. Thus the enzymes breakdown the chemical substances involved in a reaction at a faster pace. For details see the link below:

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