How Many Units Of Alcohol Is It Safe For A Man To Drink In A Day?


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What is a 4 units
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Recommended safe limits for alcohol drinking for men is around 21 units of alcohol per week i.e. Not more than four units per day. The recommended limit for women to drink alcohol per week is at most 14 units, or around nothing more than three units per day.    For the sake of one's health they should generally stay under the recommended limit. Drinking above the recommended limit is suggested to be very harmful to one's health.    A single unit of alcohol is 10ml of pure alcohol. In other words, it is also equal to just half a pint of a normal Beer. If a person drinks about 3-4 pints of beer 3 times in a week, the limit amounts to around 18 units per week. It is also a general belief that drinking beer in limits can also help protecting against heart diseases such as heart stroke.
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4 units
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I wouldn't go past 64 beers, you would just be asking for trouble
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I think 50 grams. Is perfect for a man in a day.

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