Men Are Better Cooks Than Women. Are You Agree Or Disagree? Why?


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The world's best chefs are men, at least most of them. It can be seen that men have far excelled in the area of cooking and embalmed their names among the world's top chefs and cooks.
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I must agree men are good cooks,as my son loves to experiment with different dishes,but most of them do not clean the kitchen after cooking,females cook and clean. peace
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Whoever has the most experience cooks the best, men tend to be better at most cooking related things but there are a lot of women who can cook VERY good and better than a lot of men!
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Yes , men are better cooks than women because they cook very rarely but itl be something very special. All the chefs are men and they enbalmed their names in the worlds top chefs.
I sure agree. My husband has learned to cook since retirement. It is so wonderful. Now I don't have to do it myself. That is what makes it taste so good.
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Frankly speaking I am not all a good cook. My wife cooks better loll.
But best chef's are men loll
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No nooo little chinese girl, not to be disrespectful but you don't know what you talkin about. Men are w
ay better than women and Jamie Oliver is one of the greatest example,now if you look at the women,I don't even know one famous cook. So you better think before you think. Lol bye

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