Can You Be Allergic To Wine?


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People can be allergic to wine however it is not exactly the wine they are allergic too but one or more of the components in the wine. The components in wine that can cause an allergic reaction are: Yeast, sulphites, grapes and phenol.

Wine is an alcoholic beverage, made of fermented fruit juice, usually from grapes. The natural chemical balance of grapes lets them ferment without the addition of sugars, acids, enzymes, or other nutrients. Grape wine is produced by fermenting crushed grapes using various types of yeast. Yeast consumes the sugars in the grapes and converts them into alcohol. Different varieties of grapes and strains of yeasts produce different types of wine.

Wines made from other fruits, such as apples and berries, are normally named after the fruit from which they are produced for example, apple wine or elderberry wine and are generically called fruit wine or country wine not to be confused with the French term 'vin de pays'. Others, such as barley wine and rice wine i.e., sake, are made from starch-based materials and resemble beer and spirit more than wine, whilst ginger wine is fortified with brandy. In these cases, the term 'wine' refers to the higher alcohol content rather than the production process. The commercial use of the English word 'wine' and its equivalent in other languages is protected by law in many jurisdictions.

Sulphites are present in all wines and are formed as a natural product of the fermentation process, and many wine producers add sulfur dioxide in order to help preserve wine. Sulfur dioxide is also added to foods such as dried apricots and orange juice. The level of added sulphites varies, and some wines have been marketed with low sulphite content. Sulphites in wine can cause some people, particularly those with asthma, to have adverse reactions.
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According to latest research, there are certain proteins in wines that can cause allergies to consumers. The yeast used to convert sugar into alcohol creates proteinaceous compounds, during the fermentation process. These Proteinaceous compounds can create flu like symptoms in consumers like headache, blocked nose and sneezing. Thus it is possible that you are allergic to this protein content and therefore suffer the above symptoms after you have had wine.
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Oh yes I have the same reaction to white wine! It's like the lining of the nasal tubes swells restricting your breathing so you have to breathe through your mouth, and my nose and cheeks go hot and red. Really attractive ha ha. I just drink red wine now!
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I've just made the decision to refrain from my beloved wine beverage. Not only do I get a stuffy nose, flushed skin, and headache, but I also find that my sleep pattern is really disturbed. I end up grinding my teeth during sleep which makes tense neck etc the next week. I also have Roseasca/Cupperose and I'm beginning to believe that with my chemistry make up, alcohol in general is like a poison to me.
I may try organic at some point to see if that lessons symptoms.
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Usually when this happens it is due to an allergy of alcohol itself OR the sulfites contained in most wines. You can find some wines without sulfites, but they are usually rare and/or more expensive. The sulfites are also what tends to result in a "wine headache" the next day. I get allergies when I drink wine too, although some more than others. Try switching types of wine (for example; Cabernet to pinot noir). I have found that really bold reds are worse than lighter, fruitier reds.
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The most usual allergen in commercial wine is the preservative, normally a sulphite type of chemical (if memory serves, it's a metabisulfite). Blocked nose and blotchy skin is a typical allergic response - I get it myself, but in my case I more usually react to white wine than red.

I find organic wines are better, because they don't contain the same high level of preservative. Sometimes also wines made in small boutique wineries will be better made. If you can try some of these yourself, you might find you will not have the allergic reaction.

If you try an organic wine and still get the reaction - then the allergen must be something more complex.
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I get a reaction to all booze, wine's, and strong Beer's! Plus ALL painkillers', mussel relaxes, Anastasia, and sleeping pills! It is not an allergy though, but it is in my DNA, for my sister also has this VERY rare condition TOO!
Most Doctors say I'm Paradoxical to the above, but forget the proper Medical term that is Latin.
My sister is 5 feet tall and SUPER gentle, but came to in heart surgery and started beating and kicking EVERYONE! Her chest was wide open!
I'm a former Ranger and Veteran!
After gargling mouth wash I was arrested for DUI till a doctor stated that was medically impossible!
It is attributed to our noble blood line Google THORNBURY in the UK!
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mark salcido
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maybe the firewater doesn't sit well with you, CHIEF. LOL :) Ive never met a ranger that could hold his booze...
Glen Thornbury
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You have now! No booze, no pain meds, no drugs, and only Goody's Powers! For 40 years, and it's on the computer at VA, too!
I can drink very limited LIGHT BEER VERY SLOWLY and then only a few or all that PTSC comes out, plus the medical, too!
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I come up with a blotchy red rash all over the back of my legs and butt, I get a flu like symptom and didn't know what it was for years until I went to a specialist and said I was allergic to red wine I can drink white but red kicks my ass, literally....I love red but two glasses is my limit otherwise I come out in a red rash a bit like Sun burn and it feels like sunburn too its hot and it itches a little so yeh you can be allergic to red wine as I found out. It did take 2 yrs to find out what it was though as too many doctors were wrong about what I had.
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Yes you can be allergic to wine, I am although I've never been tested officially, my doctor just says stay away from it. It causes my throat to start to close up, and I can't breath properly. But the strange thing is I'm ok with fruit (apart from Kiwi-same effect) and grapes and dried fruit. And other alcohol mixed with soft drinks I'm ok with...
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Yes ...I have read some of articles in magazines about people having allergies with various types of alcohols & wines.
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Allergies are becoming more and more predominant. Things that used to be few and far between, like allergies to the ingredients in wine, are now much more common. You can always try to take something to block the allergy like benedryl but be prepared to become very sleepy. Also, it may be that these allergen blockers are used more which is causing humans to evolve and be more sensitive to allergens.
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Hi,as a matter of fact you can be allergic to anything.and its not known,I mean if you are not allergic to some thing today but there is a possibility that in future you might get allergic to you actually never know what might cause allergic reaction in you.

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