What Effect Does Vodka Have On The Body?


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When it is consumed in large amounts, hard spirits such as vodka can have harmful effects on pretty much every single part of the body; including the oesophagus, brain, heart, kidneys, lungs and even the reproductive system.

Extended abuse of alcohol can cause you to develop blood conditions such as anaemia or blood clotting abnormalities. These conditions could cause further problems such as excessive bleeding or bruising. Another effect that vodka can have on the body is to impair the function of white blood cells which has a knock-on effect on the immune system, making the person more susceptible to infections.

Over consumption of alcohol for long periods of time can contribute to heart conditions such as an irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, heart disease and even heart failure.

Most people know that alcohol has terrible effects on your liver, as this is the organ that is supposed to process it all. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause a condition called cirrhosis which is a build up of scar tissues that changes the structure of the liver, resulting in a change of blood flow. This can further contribute to alcoholic hepatitis and even varicose veins which can rupture and cause internal bleeding.

And finally, alcohol can affect various parts of the brain, but it generally causes brain tissues to contract and depresses the central nervous system. Alcohol can also destroy brain cells which, unlike most cells in the body, these to not regenerate or grow back. If you drink excessively for years, alcohol can also cause serious problems with neural pathways, cognition, memory and it also interferes with communication between the brain cells.

Alcohol can also damage the cells in the small intestines and the stomach which can disrupt or even block the breakdown and absorption of food and nutrients.
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The alcohol in the vodka has the same effects on the body as the alcohol from other drinks; makes people think they are smart, handsome, God's gift to the world, etc.
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It makes you drunk and maybe act stupid. Alcohol is like a drug, it effects the brain and body and can sometimes cause death.

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