What Is The Difference Between Ham And Canadian Bacon?


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Canadian Bacon is smoked pork terderloin. Tenderloin is the center of the porkchop. Served, Canadian Bacon, is in round slices. Regular old bacon is smoked slabs cut from the back and sides of the pig. It is served in strips. Canadian Bacon has a much lower fat content and is more expensive than regular old bacon. Canadian Bacon is supposed to be the meat on an Egg McMuffin.
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Ok- next time, read the whole question. Then read it again. Then answer it. I was asking what the difference was between candian bacon and ham. Not the difference between candadian bacon and regular bacon.
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OK - Ham is the thigh and rump of an animal. In the US it is usually from a pig. It is normally sugar or salt cured and not smoked. Anyway try an egg McMuffin.
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Nothing, only one is like, you know, like made on a pan? Fried? Grilled? I can't remember the word
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The difference is the area of the pig the meat comes from and how it's cured.

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