What Did Colonial Bakers Do?


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They used various tools such as a fire spoon to carry hot coals for the fire back to the bakery, a sugar cutter to obtain pieces of sugar from large cones that were sold, a quern to grind corn into cornmeal, a spider which is a cooking utensil that allowed colonists to fry items in the fireplace without standing and holding a pan, a samp mortar to grind corn the old-fashioned way, a butter churn to turn cream into butter, requiring back breaking work that left muscles aching all over, a waffle iron to imprint a grid pattern on waffle batter while baking and a bread toaster to toast bread. They needed to know how to make a fire and keep it going, how to cook and clean and take care of people. They obtained skills by being a baker's apprentice, learning from home or watching the lady of house prepare meals. They wouldn't attend a baking school like we would today.
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They made food!!!!!

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