What Do The Letters XO Mean On Cognac?


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The letters XO on a Cognac mean 'Extra Old' and signify the age of the Cognac contained within the bottle. Every cognac has its own personality; based on the growth area where it comes from and the conditions in which the spirit has aged, the spirit's ageing will evolve differently.

The value of a Cognac is in a great way proportional to the time it has aged in oak casks. Once it is bottled, it no longer ages. Certain cognacs can age until they reach 70. In any case, one needs to be very careful not to leave the spirit in oak casks for longer than it is advised so that they are kept at their peak. They are then transferred to glass bottles where they may rest for many decades without being modified.

Cognac, in a few words, is a wine of Controlled Appellation of Origin, elaborated in a Production Region delimited since 1909. Cognac is made from white wine grapes. The wine is distilled twice following the traditional method called 'a repasse'.

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