How Old Should Chickens Be Before They Are Let Outside To Free Range In The Daytime?


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I am new with chickens also.  What I was told was if they are old enough to be outside  they are old enough to free range.  However, I was not totally comfortable with that.  Mine are now 11 weeks or so and I let them free range for a little bit a day and practice getting them in.  Not always an easy thing.  My toddler loves catching  when you catch some the others tend to follow.  I have a totally enclosed coop attached to the rear of the chicken house and I also have a semi enclosed pen off the front.  My intention is to be part time free rangers b/c we have a lot of hungry wildlife.  Ive been told they will automatically return to the house at dark.  I am taking baby steps with the free ranging.  What is working well is I put a light in the house and I turn it on before dark(mainly so I can see) whether they are in the pen or the coop they go in it on their own if the light is on if it is off they just pile up on each other and huddle in the coop and I have to carry them in.  I let them free range when I am home and I give myself plenty of time to get them in.  they usually only out  on their own for a couple hours during day.  I am still learning but hopefully on the right track.  Hope my beginner experience is helpful.   
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I had chickens when I lived in Suburbia.  Free ranged when I was home, as otherwise they ate all my flowers and dug up the beds.  Anyway, I let the chicks free-range when they wanted to.  Usually the mother hen would guard them until they were bigger. 

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