Does Anyone Know If Tea Has A Expiration Date If Not On The Label?


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Suhail Ajmal Profile
Suhail Ajmal answered
If it is not on the label then you can't say anything about it's expiration. However, on some packs the expiration is on the tin or packing of tea.

Suppose if it is expired, then it will not harm you. It might lose it's taste. Normally a tea is good for a year. But once you open the pack, the life is short.

I suggest you to call the customer care or go to store and check the expiration date and duration for your knowledge and understanding.
Anita Morton Profile
Anita Morton answered
If it is sealed, I would certainly try it, regardless of the "expiration date".  It shouldn't be harmful; the worst that would happen would be that the flavor wasn't as good as when "fresh".
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jaime paclarin answered
I'm drank green tea almost a year expired, and still continue drinking 3 times a day, without any problem and taste still green tea.
krstal callahangie Profile
Tea actually have an expiration date on it because we have tea thats from november

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