I Was Needing To Get A Copy Of My Last Check Stub From Mcdonalds But The Management Is Not Helping. Can Anyone Help Me In Finding A Website Or Anything To Help Me Get This Last Check Stub?


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There is no valid reason why the management cannot help you obtain your most recent check stub. You should begin by consulting the management again and if they are still not willing to comply, then you should get in touch with a higher authority and get them to intervene.

• Ask your management again

They should not have a problem with you requesting a copy of your last check stub. Go back to your management team with the query and see if they are willing to help. If they do, then your problem is resolved, if they don't then you have the option the take this problem to a higher authority.

• Consult higher management

Logging onto the company website should help you get a hold of some contact details so that you can hopefully get in touch with the upper management. In addition to this, the contact details for the upper management should be available from the store that you work at. Get in touch with them and find out if they can offer help with the situation. Hopefully this should bring an end to your problem.

• File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau

If all else fails, you can file an official complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They are an organization that is designed to make businesses as effective and fair as possible. Getting in touch with them could help you shine some let on the issue and they will try and assist you in finding a suitable solution. You can log onto their website to file a complaint or to retrieve their contact details.

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