Give Examples Of How Humans Have Increased Their Food Supply And What Effects These Methods Have On The Environment Overall?


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Human have increased their food supply by giving food-source animals, such as poultry, cows, and pigs, special hormones and medicines that make the animals grow larger and fatter, while also extending their life span and cutting out the risk of diseases or early death. While it's really impossible to control animal-based food sources completely (flus and viruses may often infect animals, despite precautions and treatments), it's safe to say that animals used for food can be bred in far greater abundance that they have been in previous decades and eras.

  • Harmful additives?

However, environmentalists frown on this new phenomenon, believing (for example) that the hormones in cow's milk are harmful to humans, and that the grass, grains, and other natural resources needed to breed, care for, and transport animals that are used for food is a massive, harmful drain on the world environment.

  • More reasons

Of course, there are also plenty of other reasons why food is more plentiful now, even as millions is Africa struggle to find enough to eat and drink. For example, more processing of food, with newer and more efficient preservatives, makes it possible for food to stay unspoiled for far longer periods of time - this means people can stockpile food (if they can afford it) and keep it for a long, long time before they need to eat it. In fact, survivalists often stockpile canned foods and other types of food nutrition in preparation for wars, civil unrest, or disasters that necessitate survivalist living.

To learn more about modern food supplies and how they've changed through the decades, pick up a book that is written about this interesting topic - the international food supply is a very important issue, especially in light of modern issues, such as genetically modified crops. These crops may represent new attempts to control and increase the international food supply, but they are the subject of many protests.

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