What Gives Water A Garlic Smell?


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Sounds like you have well water.
I don't know where you live, but here in the south, if our wells are not dug really deep, we end up with a lot of minerals in the water.
Sulpher is one of them, and it smells kind of weird. Sort of like you are describing.
If you have city water, the treatment plant usually adds chlorine to the water supply about once a month and when they first add it, you will sometimes smell it for a day or two.
If it continues, and/or you are concerned that your water may be contaminated, you can call your local health department and they will direct you on where to take a sample of the water for testing.
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Well its not meant to. Yours might be polluted. If that's it I recommend you get some sort of water filter for your drinking water.
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Probably due to minerals in the water such as sulphur or if you have city water, it could be due to additives put in at the water processing plant.

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