What Are The Top Ten Supermarkets In The UK?


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The UK has a range of popular supermarkets, one of the top 10 is Tesco which is the world's fourth largest retailer and continues to boast yearly revenue of approximately £60 billion. It spans over 13 international countries and offers a range of groceries as well as electronics, opticians and dental insurance.

Sainsbury's was named the British food retailer of the year in the 90s. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver became Sainsbury's spokesman and created a healthy food range for the supermarket as well as taking his healthy foods regime to America. Waitrose offers high quality and organic foods and it is very popular amongst shoppers in the UK, however it is more expensive than some of the other high street supermarkets. Morrisons was introduced 111 years ago to UK shores and has become Britain's fourth largest food retailer. It originated in the Northern areas of England but since its takeover of supermarket Safeway, it has spanned outside of the Northern regions. It is famous for its bakery and deli counter.

Asda is the country's second largest food retailer which includes its own clothing line 'George', and it was bought out by American supermarket chain WalMart in 1999. Marks & Spencer have around 900 stores worldwide and they boast a large clothing range as well as high quality food, however it is on the more expensive side. The Co-Operative Group is the UK's fifth largest food retailer despite the stores being on a much smaller scale. They offer carefully selected produce and support fairtrade. Aldi/Lidl originate from Germany and take pride in their cheap prices, as does Iceland which is Britain's most popular frozen food retailer. Lastly, Spar is frequented a lot on the UK due to its convenience and reasonably priced products.
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United kingdom has a number of Supermarkets. There are a number of supermarket chains that work across all parts of United Kingdom. Following are the top 10 Supermarkets of United Kingdom:

- Tesco
- Asda
- Sainsbury's
- Morrisions
- Co-operative Group
- Somerfield
- Marks and Spencer
- Waitrose
- Aldi
- Lidi
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1.tesco 2 asda3 sainsbury 4 morrisons 5 cooperative 6waitrose 7aldi
  9.iceland 10 somerfield
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Northern Foods
Sains burybury's
Wait rAldi
Wal Mart
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Biggest Supermarkets according to statistics:

1 - Tesco

2 - Asda

3 - Morrisons

4 - Sainsbury's

5 - Co-operative Food

Best Supermarkets imo:

1 - Asda

2 - Morrisons

3 - Tesco

4 - Sainsbury's

5 - Co-operative Food

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The names of top ten supermarkets in the UK are given below in an alphabetical order: Aldi, Asda, Booths, Budgens, Iceland, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Somerfield, Tesco, Waitrose.

Tesco is the largest supermarket chain in the UK and stands the 4th best in the world. The market value of Tesco is about £29.090 billion. Initially it specialised only in the area of food, but later it diversified into other areas like clothes, consumer financial services, consumer electronics, internet service, music downloads, compact discs, selling and renting DVDs.

The history of Tesco is quite old and it was in the year 1924 that it appeared first as a brand. The first store of Tesco was opened in the year 1929 in London. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange way back in the year 1947.
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There are many Supermarket chains in the whole of the UK. Among these, the ones that could be considered among the top ten are Tesco; which offers everything from groceries to electrical goods to books and CDs and personal finance. It is considered one f the UK's top supermarkets.

Next is Waitrose which is one of the leading supermarket chains in the UK. Its only draw back is that the store delivers only to specific locations in the country. The other store that opened up in partnership with Waitrose is Ocado which is now well acclaimed for their '1-hour' delivery service.

The Iceland superstore is also one of the most famous supermarkets in the UK that allows buyers to even shop for their household products online while Somerfield also offers various foods and drink related information. The store also has mega deals every now and then for their customers.

Morrisons and Netto are two other popular supermarkets in the country, both of which also have a relatively wide distribution. Sainsbury's is another supermarket that is extremely well known for its wine collection; which too can be purchased online. Safeway is another leading chain and in additions to the regular groceries it also offers heath and diet advice. If you wish to buy frozen foods then the Farm Foods store would be your best bet.
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Cheap order (except cheap tramp shops)

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