My Lg Goes Into Standby Mode When I Switch It On The Light Turns Orange And A Few Seconds Later It Goes Back Into Standby Mode. What Is Wrong And How Can I Fix It?


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You can fix an LG with this problem by purchasing and installing new capacitors, which can be ordered online or found at many retail stores. Be sure to bring all the information about your television, such as the make, model and serial number, with you when you purchase your new capacitors.

If you can install the new capacitors yourself, you'll save yourself a great deal of money. Bring your television back to the store where you purchased it for repairs, or taking it to an electronics repair shop, can be very costly. With a little knowledge and skill you can potentially save hundreds of dollars.

To determine if your capacitors are actually blown out, simply look at them. You can find them by removing the back of the television. There is a panel with black upright tubes with silver tops. These tops should be completely flat and unbroken. If they are domed or bulging outward, or if you can actually see a crack, the capacitor has blown.

Remember that this is type of repair work can be very difficult if you're not experienced. Look online for reference materials to find the capacitors on your television set, and use caution. Unplug your television before doing any repair work to avoid electric shock. Be aware that performing these repairs yourself (instead of using a licensed repair shop) may void your television's warranty.

If you're comfortable with the risk, you'll save yourself a great deal of time and money. A set of new capacitors can usually be purchased for approximately ten dollars, and the replacement itself, including putting the television back together and allowing it to reboot, takes a few hours at the most. You'll need a screwdriver to take the back panel of the television off. Remember to work on a soft, flat surface to protect the delicate screen. Placing the television on a bed is ideal.
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I found on my 50" LG plasma - nine identical capacitors (10v, 3300 mf) that were blown outward.  No leakage detected, but the X mark is definitely blown outward only on these capacitors on the power supply board.  Other caps, identical and different, all appear normal.
I've ordered new ones, will fix my TV for less than $10.  If the cause is unknown, the new caps my also blow until the root cause is fixed (my case - water leaked from my roof and hit this board).
Good luck.  The new board(s) were quoted by my local repair shop at about $350 each, estimate total was $1000 - 1500... I chose not to fix it.  Now I can fix it for $10, I'm happy!

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