How Does Gatorade Affect Athletes?


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A lot of research has been done to prove that Gatorade is better for athletes.

It gives the assurance that the formula is optimal and has the right composition of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and flavors which the body requires after any kind of sports or physical activity.

Gatorade being a thirst quencher has the correct proportion of carbohydrates and can be consumed when sweaty and thirsty. It is much more effective than water because one can get back all the minerals which are lost by sweating.

This drink does not contain fruit juice where fructose levels can result in slow gastric and may result in intestinal disorder when athletes drink. Gatorade contains the right amount of electrolytes and the perfect flavor which melds to taste best during physical activity and drive the thirst.
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"and flavors which the body requires" what? So my body is craving cherry right now? Wowzers, I never knew, thank-you mr anonymous gatorade PR rep! At least I think you're a PR rep, either that or you're clinical retarded.

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