What Are All The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tea?


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Different types of teas supposedly can calm or invigorate. During WWII my grandpa got complications because of tea and being wounded. I personally drink hot tea most of the day, but some can't, it keeps them awake at night.
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I love tea. Especially Chinese tea. It tastes great, but most teas have caffiene, so I can't drink it that much. But, some teas are like medicine and herbs, they fight arithitis and menopause, etc.
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Everyone has such great and educational answers! I would only add that tea affects people differently and that there are many types of tea that have different health benefits. Too much of most teas keep me up at night with the exception of green tea and white tea. Of course decaffeinated teas and hibiscus petal type teas don't keep you up or make you jittery but they also don't get you going in the morning. I think you just have to experiment and find out what works for you. Hisdimple (I am still wondering where that dimple is?) said that he drinks hot tea all day. I think there is something so civilized about an afternoon tea break with a light snack. It perks you up from that afternoon slump and curbs your appetite for dinner. Those English have a good thing going with their afternoon tea.
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Tea is healthy for you, but it depends on how much of what kind you drink that can benefit your health. Caffeine is in the tea, and that is what they say is not the healthy for you. Other than that it's good, you can find decaffeinated tea now. Hope this helps.
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I drank tea like water when I taught college in China. There are so many excellent green teas available there. Good antioxidant, and if you resteep the leaves a couple of times it isn't too high in caffeine.
Hard to find pure tea here in India, it tends to flavored everywhere you go. They like it milky too. So now I've taken a break from tea.
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Advantages: Wakes you up , makes you feel invigorated , tastes great                                Disadvantages: 
jitters, nervousness, can't sleep
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Herbal teas have all kinds of medicinal properties. You should tell your doctor if you are using any of them. Teas with caffeine if drank in high quantities are not good for you. They also stain your teeth. I am a tea drinker myself. I love green tea. Peace
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Hi Friendly, there are so many ways to answer this question, I could run out of room.  My husband and I are big fans of white tea. Here is a site that can give you some good answers. I hate answering questions this way but like I said, one could be here all day!

Tea Benefits are discussed at TeaBenefits.com. Learn how the healthy properties of tea can help protect you and your family from all kinds of diseases.
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Drinking black tea became a dangerous in long term,  there are many Types  of tea leaves available like , premium , CTC and green. But in India CTC is only available let me explain what is CTC. The full form of CTC is  CRUSH , TEAR , CURL. The process of CTC in India is
as follows
The leaves are first withered by blowing air on them.
Then black teas are processed in either of two ways, CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) or orthodox. The CTC method is used for lower quality leaves that end up in tea bags and are processed by machines. This method is efficient and effective for producing a better quality product from medium and lower quality leaves. Orthodox processing is done either by machines or by hand. Hand processing is used for high quality teas. While the methods employed in orthodox processing differ by tea type, this style of processing results in the high quality loose tea sought by many connoisseurs.
Next, the leaves are oxidized under controlled temperature and humidity. (This process is also called "fermentation", which is a misnomer since no actual fermentation takes place.) The level of oxidation determines the quality of the tea. Since oxidation begins at the rolling stage itself, the time between these stages is also a crucial factor in the quality of the tea.
Then the leaves are dried to arrest the oxidation process.
Finally, the leaves are sorted into grades according their sizes (whole leaf, broken, fan and dust), usually with the use of sieves. The tea could be further sub-graded according to other criteria.

So , in the end India is Producing the best quality of tea leaves but they are exporting to the abroad, and Indian will get the last crush of the leaves as I explained in CTC process.
Think twice before drinking tea.

(Medical Student)
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I went onto the website that KnutRbuttR stated and I can't believe all the health benefits that tea has.  I do drink tea but not as often as I should according to the website.  To me the reason why I drink tea is because of the anti-oxidants that tea has.  Now I am going to drink more and I signed up to the website so that I can buy the tea that I need for not only my health but my family also.  Thanks to you to question this but KnutRbuttR to answer my hat off to you both.
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As long as you don't drink too much iced tea (as it causes bone spurs) tea is very good I have about 30 different kinds in my house right now:) I drink tea all the time

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