Why Must You Observe Personal Protection And Hygiene Procedures At All Times?


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There is a need to observe personal protection and hygiene procedures whenever they are deemed necessary - both at home and at work. The main objective of this is to minimize health and safety risks and maximize efficiency and productivity when carrying out various tasks. The observation of such procedures is particularly important in high-risk industries or jobs which deal with people who may be injured or made unwell by a failure to carry out the necessary processes. The key here is to remember that any personal protection or hygiene procedure is made with one thing in mind: Your safety. This means that it's your responsibility to know about the procedures relating to your role and how they are applied on a day-to-day basis.

To properly understand the importance of observing the above described procedures, we must first be aware of what they actually entail. Using the engineering business as an illustrative example, we can see that personal protection is essential to employee welfare. Workers must wear protective clothing at all times during a job - including full body suits, gloves and even eye protection (if necessary).

Hygiene procedures are also essential in the engineering business. Any oil spillages must be cleaned up after they've been made to minimize any slipping hazards, whilst equipment must be washed and replaced back where it was found after use. Likewise, hygiene procedures must be observed in the food industry to ensure products are all of a consistently high quality. In a test kitchen, for instance, control checks are carried out at every stage of the manufacturing process to check for physical, chemical or biological contamination/hazards.

As you can see, the key motives behind the observation of protection and hygiene procedures are fairly straightforward: To minimize risks, maximize employee and consumer safety and ensure that consistent products are made time and time again without fault.
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Precautions must be taken at all times to avoid cross infection and spread of disease.

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