McDonald's Madame Alexander Dolls?


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McDonalds is offering one out of its 10 Madame Alexander dolls with a happy meal. I am assuming that you know about McDonalds happy meal. Still for giving an idea I just explain it. Basically McDonalds' Happy meal is very cheap and it offers small toys and other kids stuff with each deal which you get. This October McDonalds has introduced Madame Alexander dolls, once again for kids.

Now you must be thinking that why Madame Alexander dolls only? The reason is that Alexander dolls company is the New York based company and it is supplying cheap and handcrafted dolls which are very popular. In 2002 and 2003, when McDonalds introduced the same marketing campaign then it appeared in top ten Happy Meal toys chain and it was also awarded "Toy of the year" award. Now again this campaign has started. I hope you are clear about the link between these dolls and McDonalds Happy Meal.
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Thanks for the answer!! Used to be that M. Alexander dolls were exclusively high-end (in days gone by!!) my, how the world has changed!! Or maybe I should say the world of toys!! Thanks again..

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