What Is The Price Of Camel Meat In The Middle East?


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12$ per Kg
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While it is uncertain how expensive camel meat really is in the Middle Eastern countries, it is a delicacy there, and therefore it is a highly useful and valuable animal.

Camels have been eaten in Arabia since the early days, when nomadic Arab travellers used to cover miles and miles of vast desert to conduct their business or ply their trades. There are also historical accounts of camel meat being consumed at banquets in ancient Greece and Persia (now Iran).The Islamic and Jewish religious traditions advocate the consumption of only halal and kosher meat respectively.

Camel meat varies in weight, but each carcass definitely produces a substantial quantity of meat nevertheless. The meat on the carcass of a male dromedary weighs about 400 kilograms, whereas that on the carcass of a male Bactrian weighs about 650 kilograms. The meat of a female camel weighs anything between 250 to 350 kilograms.

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