Do You Have Pictures Of The Chicken Fried Rice Disease?


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I have pictures of chicken fried rice disease taken mostly online. There are several pictures found in the internet. However, you are warned that the pictures are graphic and you may be grossed out. These websites have a picture of the said disease:
Additionally, please be very careful in searching for pictures and images of the chicken fried rice disease, since there are some sites which carry virus and may harm your computer files.

Chicken fried rice disease is also known as a special fried rice disease. It is a sexually transmitted disease which affects the male genitalia. The male genital which suffers this kind of disease looks as if it is coloured blue and it is inflamed. Additionally, it is also described with the skin's surface similar to chicken or special fried rice. Also, be informed that the swelling may be caused by other sexually transmitted diseases.

Another variant of this disease is the female's vaginal inflammation. It is known by its slang name called blue waffle disease. It is described as the inflammation of the vagina and for most part, the pain is unbearable. It can be caused by unprotected sex as well as poor hygiene. Itchiness, differently colored discharge and vaginal swelling are among the common symptoms of this disease. A picture of this disease can be found in

Resources on these diseases are limited in the internet. At times when you stumble upon a website claiming information about chicken fried rice disease or the blue waffle disease, you are often led to websites with adult content. In case you are suffering any of the symptoms provided for or you fear that you might have an infection, it is best to consult your doctor in the soonest possible time. The doctor can assess your condition and give you reliable medical advice and medication.
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Its not chicken fried rice its special fried rice and trust me you don't want to see it go look up blue waffle disease and then tell me if you want to still see special fried rice!

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