Can You Drink Wu-yi Slimming Tea, If You Are Still Breastfeeding?


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Yes ,you can ,but I suggest you can drunk meizitang strong tea ,this shop have many products can help you lose weight good luck!
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Everything that I have read about Wu-Yi is that it is really just Oolong tea. Which is caffeinated so you really shouldn't have more than a cup a day of it if you are breastfeeding. It's really recommended that you not have any caffeine when nursing but I had to have a cup of coffee each morning and it was okay. But Wu-Yi isn't going to help you lose weight any faster than just regular caffeinated tea.
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Thanks for the advise on the slimming oolong tea, it just so happens i got two boxes of this tea as a present; so maybe if i drink ONLY one cup a day i will finish it in a year.
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Good luck with losing weight. I lost quite a bit at first while I was nursing my last 2 kids but then I would just get so hungry!

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