What Is The Ph Of Sour Milk?


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The pH of sour milk is not more than 7 but its pH is 4.4 and it comes under the category of acids. The scale of pH ranges from 1 to 14 and the numbers from 1 to 6 shows the acidity of the item while the numbers from 8 to 14 shows the basicity of the item. As the pH value of sour milk is exactly 4.4 therefore, it is acidic in nature.

The lower the value will be on the pH scale the more acidic the solution will be. So, sour milk has the pH of 4.4 which makes it a normal acid. For reference you can go on the link given below:

pH of sour milk

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Dear Amber 22

Do you perhaps know where I can Buy litmus paper,want to use it for my project for measuring the PH of milk.


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