How To Make A Pirate Costume?


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Girija Naiksatam Profile
Pirate costumes are a bit expensive, but when you are insisting on recreating the magic, the costume has to be grand. For e.g. to create the Caribbean magic, one can buy a big Caribbean hat attached with yarn hair. He also needs a jumpsuit with attached vest and a skeleton embossed belt for the pirate image.

The color can be brown or white or vary according to one's choice. Another pirate dress can also be made out of Gold Trimmed Velvetten vest matched with white shirt and black pants, a sash and a feathered hat.

Costume can also be stitched with swith ragged sleeves and harmonized with blue and black vest. Matching pull-up pants goes well elastic waist, and a sash depicting a pirate symbol. Costumes are quite easy to arrange and the stitching needs to be done with utmost care.

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