What Are The Problems Affecting Fishing Industry?


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The basic problems which are affecting fishing industry include the adverse impacts of environmental pollution which is either discharged from the industries or the households which throw their wastes into the rivers which later on affects the lives of fish and marine animals. Because of toxicity of these wastes, the health of fish is highly affected which eventually causes fish to die before they are caught. Another problem is overfishing, which is causing depletion of fish and other sea food animals in the seas and the rivers. The stocks of fish are depleting which is giving a great downward push to the individuals involved in fishing industry.
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The very same technology that increases the efficiency of fishing boats also makes populations smaller.  There are ocean trawlers that scour great areas of the oceans.  The problem is with the target fish missing, other fish that may be less desirable take over, at least or a time

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Water weed on most fishing grounds for example lake victoria which makes the movement of fishing gears difficult

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