What Are The Uses Of Tripod, Erlenmeyer Flask, Mortar And Pestle , Test Tube Holder . Alcohol Lamp?


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These equipment types have various uses in the laboratory:

• The tripod is used as a stand on which containers can be placed over a Bunsen burner, when substances are being heated. It is small and three-legged, and allows the scientists to get on with other tasks whilst the substance heats up to the correct temperature.
• The Erlenmeyer flask is used to contain substances as they are being used in the laboratory. Most can also be used to measure quantities of a substance. They are often used during titration experiments, as the flask can be held in one hand, leaving the other hand free to add to the substance.
• A mortar and pestle set is used in the process of grinding solid substances into smaller pieces. They are utilized in the kitchen as well as in the laboratory. The mortar is a small, blunt bat-shaped object whilst the pestle is a small bowl in which the crushing takes place.
• The test tube holder is used to hold test tubes when they are in use. The instrument consists of two pieces of metal attached together. It is held in the hand, whilst the other end of the instrument clamps and holds the test tube. The test tube can then be held over a flame to be heated. This prevents the chemist burning their hands!
• The alcohol lamp is a glass lamp used to heat materials in a laboratory; essentially, it performs the same function as a Bunsen burner and can be used in place of one. It is filled with alcohol. One end of a small rope is secured inside the lamp; this rope can then be lit to produce heat.

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