Is Dizziness Caused By Having Low Iron In Your Body?


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Dizziness can be a sign of low Iron in your blood. However, dizziness can be many of things. It all depends on what you are doing when you get dizzy and how you are feeling.
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You eventually start feeling weak, and your blood will start thinning, which is not good, since it wont be strong enough to sustain the life in your body.
Your brain will also start getting weaker, memory loss, and feel like you can't cope with stress, and everyday's duties.

Amongst many other things.... Oh yes, iron is very important... Vital I may add.
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I'm having dizziness problems and I think its cause of my iron.I want to get rid of it.I don't know how.when I move my head I get dizzy,and when I lay down I get dizzy.I have to sleep with like 3 or 4 pillows to sleep without getting dizzy.any one have suggestions?
   13 year old dizzy girl :(

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