Does crabgrass preventer kill dandelions?


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Dear Raj,
This is Coach Dave with The Home Depot and lawns are my specialty. 
While Halts pre-emergent  (crabgrass preventer) will kill the seeds of both grass and most seeds, this is usually not the best way to get rid of dandelions in a lawn for any length of time.
The reason for this is because dandelions produce seeds year round whereas most other broad leaf types of weeds do not.  You would only use pre-emergent once during January/Feb and one more time the first week of March to kill weed seeds.

I would recommend using a basic weed and feed fertilizer or other weed killer. Vigoro, Monterey, Ortho, and Spectricide are all great options

Make sure you keep an eye on your lawn and address any problems as soon as you see them.  It's better to deal with a small issue than a large problem.

I hope this helps,

Coach Dave
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No just crabgrass. Rember its just a preventer you will still have crabgrass later in the season. You need to treat year round. Thay do make a product that kills both.

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