Why does the product 19 cereal taste so bad?


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The idea of food tasting good or bad is completely subjective. Although you may hate Kellogg's Product 19 cereal, other people may love it, and eat it every day. In addition, while a number of people may dislike the taste of Product 19 cereal, they may each dislike it for a different reason. Taste is as individual as you are.

As I have never tasted Kellogg's Product 19 cereal, I cannot pass a verdict on whether or not I enjoy the way it tastes. However, reviews on websites such as Amazon, where Kellogg's Product 19 can be purchased, suggest that many people enjoy the cereal. As I said early, taste is a personal thing - just because you dislike Product 19 doesn't mean everyone else does!

  • What is Product 19?

Product 19 is low-fat cereal food product from Kellogg's cereal company. Product 19 comes in the form of flakes, made up of corn, wheat, oats and rice. The packaging of Product 19 cereal claims that the cereal is enriched with vitamin E, folic acid, iron and zinc. The main ingredients on the ingredients list for Product 19 cereal are milled corn, sugar, whole oat flour and wheat flour.

Product 19 is not available in all retailers. Many retailers have stopped stocking the cereal because alternatives, such as Kellogg's Special K, have proven to be more popular. However, smaller, independent retailers may still stock this product, and it can be bought online from www.amazon.com.

  • Kellogg's cereal company

The Kellogg's cereal company was founded in 1876 by Dr John Harvey Kellogg and William Keith Kellogg, two brothers from Michigan in the United States of America. Originally, the Kellogg brothers invented and sold Kellogg's Corn Flakes, but since then the Kellogg's brand has developed and now sells a vast number of different cereals.

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