I can't stop eating chocolate . . .help?


5 Answers

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Jessie Delaine answered
Hide it in a high cupboard and avoid the kitchen as much as possible..by doing this you put the chocolate out of sight, which means it's easier to keep it out of mind.
Forest Lone Profile
Forest Lone answered
Get the chocolate that is 65% or higher in chocolate per bar. No milk chocolate. Eat as much as you can in one sitting. Then the next time you crave chocolate, it will not be as pronounced. Eat 65% or higher chocolate, and a little will satisfy your craving.
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Semon Sehal answered

Try something else.

John Profile
John answered
You will  stop if you eat some choclate ex-lax.  Hahahahahaha.that or you will die of dehydration. Fwwrrrrrrrt. Hahahahahahah : )......hahahahahaha I eat chocolate even though I am suppose to be allergic .

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