I accidently swallowed a quarter sized peppermint 13 hours ago, and it feels like it's stuck in the bottom of my throat still, is this normal?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Yes so start drinking a lot of water to push it down  or dissolve it, if it becomes painful or bothersome seek medical attention immediately
Janey Profile
Janey answered
You've probably hurt the sides of your throat muscles as the peppermint went down.Try drinking water with a small piece of biscuit to try and force the mint along if it hasn't dissolved already.
Maddie Profile
Maddie answered
Wright's answer exactly. Keep drinking a lot of water to push it down or dissolve it...ok yeah I have the exact same answer as him XD
John McCann Profile
John McCann answered
The peppermint likely dissolved hours ago, but you may have given yourself a small scratch. Consult a doctor if it does not fade away soon.

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