Does snickers satisfy hunger?


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No,it's like eating ice cream,once you start eating it you need something else to wash it down,then you eat another one and have to have soemthing else to wash it down. Sort of like that drug commercial where the guy says I work longer to earn more money to buy more drugs so I can work longer to earn more money so ica n buy more drugs so I can work longer and round and round it goes. Now I just bought a bag of snickers or should I say snickettes/too small to be considered a candy bar or even a mouthfull /what is called fun size candy bars.which when I was younger were called bite size candy bars or about one quarter the size of a full size candy bar ,except these fun size candy bars were like a quarter smaller than the old bite size snicker. So instead of eating 3-4 of them to make up a full size candy bar you would need 7-8 of these fun size candy bars to make a full size snickers bar. Seems like snickers/m&m mars is doing what all these companies are doing selling smaller portions for the same price as the bigger bite size bars use to be. Yeah, I know  the good ole days when a candy bar did not cost a mint . I think some of these companies are actually buying into that movie sylvester stallone made where a 100 dollars bought a single bite size portion of taco bell/nachos supreme.nwo they are applying it to everything even snickers. The only place that even comes close to selling a full size snickers bar for the value is walmarts.see when I was younger people did not hand out fun size candy bars for trick or treat they handed out full size candy bars that actually filled your stomach  with one candy bar well maybe two : )  for 50-60 cents .now it's 1.00 dollar for a candy bar that only takes 4 bites to finish off. A dollar candy bar when I was in middle school  was a giant size candy bar that would last all day and then some to finish it off.yeah, I know talking history to you. It still amazes me kids today are willing to pay a buck for a candy bar that isn't even big enough to last a minute to eat all of it.blah blah blaah means I could go on ,but it will not change what the candy /food companies are passing off as full size portions today. No wonder most kids look like bean poles /with forced portion size control through pricing. Hahahahah.oh1 in case you did not understnad the long answer -no! A snickers bar does not fill your stomach/satisfy hunger unles your a small chilld/tween. And then it depends on your stomach size/how big your eyes are...: )
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No, it does not quench hunger, since your body craves fatty foods which could result in you looking like Cartman or Homer Simpson when he weighed over 300 pounds.
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A box of them does.
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No, this definitely does not fall under the category "proper food to eat when you are hungry"

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