What Can I Eat That Will Not Make My Stomach Burn?


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What you are experiencing seems like acid reflux. You might even be a little susceptible to a mild case of ulcer. You should avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol, cigarettes and coffee. You can avoid acid reflux by not eating very big meals as they distend the stomach, forcing the acidic chyme into the esophagus ,which feels like burning. Also do not lie down immediately after a big meal. Avoid spicy and fatty foods.

Now, what food help to reduce a burning sensation in the stomach. Eat foods that are rich in fiber like fruits and vegetables. Some good fruits are carrots, cabbage, kale, apricot, kiwi and kale.
Whole grain products should also help along with seafood which provides zinc. Vitamin E also helps and can be obtained from hazelnuts, wheat germ, and soy bean.
Whole grain may be consumed in the form of bagels, tortillas, english muffins, cereals, pasta, rice and barley.

Milk and other dairy products may also be consumed with meals to neutralize the effect of the acid in the stomach.

The following link provides quite an exhaustive list of foods that would help minimize your discomfort:
Good Foods

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