What Is The Importance Of Rice In The Gamut Of Pakistan Exports?


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Rice is one of the most significant exports of Pakistan contributing about thirteen percent to the total foreign exchange earnings of the country. It is the second most important export from Pakistan's side after cotton. Moreover, the contribution of rice to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Pakistan is about 1.3 percent. As far as production of rice goes, Pakistan produces about 5.51 million tonnes of milled rice. The cultivation of rice covers about 2.62 million hectares which captures about 10.9 percent of the total chunk of the cultivated region in Pakistan. However, there have been some factors, which are hindering the rice production sector to thrive to its maximum capacity. One of these factors is the traditional mode of cultivation that is devoid of any modern and advanced techniques that are used all over the world and generate great outcomes, nevertheless in Pakistan those methods and techniques are still not taken complete advantage of.

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