My 4 Month Old Jack Russell Terrier Has A Lump On Near His Shoulder Or Neck.. It Almost Feels Like It Could Be Picked Up And Ripped Off.. Like A Pancake. He Was Just At The Vet, And Got A Shot.. Could This Be A Reaction? Do I Need To Take Him Back To The Vet?


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All new lumps should be examined by a veterinarian.  The shoulder area is a common area for vaccinations to be administered.  For 12-24 hours after a vaccination you may feel a small, grape sized, non-painful lump under the skin--this should resolve quickly.  If this lump is larger than a grape, firm, painful, or your dog is feeling off he should be examined by your veterinarian. 
Vaccines do not typically cause anything very superficial that can be "ripped off . .  like a pancake" as vaccines are given in the subcutaneous tissue (the fat and connective tissue under the skin between the skin and the muscle).  I would recommend having this lump checked out by your veterinarian.

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well it is definitely bigger than a grape.
and they did give the shot in his neck (about five days ago)
the day after his shot he seemed to be a little off, (lethargic, etc)
he does seem fine now in behavior.

it does not appear to be painful when touched or in general.
however, it does seem to be larger than last night.
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I would have your dog examined by a veterinarian. You can try warm compressing the lump before your appointment.
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Do you have any updates on this? My 3 1/2 month old Jack Russell Terrier is having the same exact thing after his vaccine, it kinda looks like he's wearing a scarf around the top of his neck. It's all puffy and soft.

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