Can You Live Without Coffee?


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What's that you say, man? A BAN on coffee? Perish the thought! I do not think I could not face the day without my one cup of java in the morning! I would be forced to grow illegal coffee plants in my shed, I'm afraid, brew it when the moon was full, and drink the beverage from an inconspicuous brushed nickel flask! :)

"The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it which the cheering influence of the afternoon or evening cup of tea cannot be expected to reproduce." ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., -Over the Teacups, 1891

"Coffee, the finest organic suspension ever devised." ~Star Trek: Voyager

"Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven." ~Jessi Lane Adams

"Forever: Time it takes to brew the first pot of coffee in the morning." ~Author Unknown

"Suave molecules of Mocha stir up your blood, without causing excess heat; the organ of thought receives from it a feeling of sympathy; work becomes easier and you will sit down without distress to your principal repast which will restore your body and afford you a calm, delicious night." ~Prince Tallyrand

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I'm with amore01, "perish the thought"!!
I guess I would have to join the "black market" of coffee drinkers. Arrest me now! ;)
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I dring pure water with lemon or herbal tea. Believe me - it gives much more energy than coffee and no addiction. No harsh influence like caffeine.
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When coffee is outlawed, only outlaws will drink coffee! Actually, though I truly enjoy good strong coffee, it is the caffeine that I would need to replace. My drink of choice would probably be Mountain Dew. I have heard that Native Americans and early settlers would brew a coffee-like drink made from the roots of chicory, but I have never tried it. In any case, I would definitely need to replace coffee with something, if only to keep down the brain swelling and to keep the shakes away.
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NO WAY HA HA... If that ever happens you better be off the streets in the morning because there will be some cranky people going to work!!!
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I'd be fine...just switch to Red Bull!
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You are "BLESSED" to get by with One cup of Java!! I would defiantly substitute that Blessed Java with Diet Pepsi!! Would have to, cuz without my caffeine fix, early afternoon, i would face a Bounding headache from caffeine withdraw!!
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Living with or without coffee is not an issue. Many people are habituated to having coffee everyday morning. It doesn't mean that they can't live without it.

This is purely my personal opinion
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I've only been drinking coffee for the last couple or three years, I do like it, though. I'd probably miss it a little, but my caffeine of choice has always been Coca-Cola, so I'd be ok.

Do you think they would have coffee speakeasies where they served it in glasses with straws to make it look like a cocktail? What would the password be? Maybe people would smuggle bricks of espresso grind out of Italy disguised as chocolate bars.
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If coffee was theoretically "banned" I would drink a cup of green or red tea in the morning. They are sort of alternatives too coffee if you run out or such. They are pretty good teas (red tea is the best, its from an African root).
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My sister's coffee is so strong, the spoon stands up in the middle of the mug! I have a coffee maker, but no coffee, I don't think I'd miss it. Ya think?
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If there were a ban on coffee. People would smuggle it and still drink it.
But mt. Dew would be my next pick...lots of caffeine
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I think i would try to live with out coffee for a little while . Trying to fill the empty hole with rockstar & red bull but i would shortly after look to the black market coffee smugglers :)
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Yes I can.
Product is called "Uncoffee" made of chicory beans and it's delicious with cream... Highly recommend it !
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The U.S pretty much DEPENDS on coffee. Ban it????? Yea right... We'll all start drinking tea like the people in Europe... Maybe they're trying to tell us something...
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I would have a very hard time without my coffee. I drink it all the time. In fact coffee and water about the only two things I do drink. I do love my coffee.

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